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Blessed are the PIECE-makers!


Why Join


First, all of us at would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with you! Our hope is that here you find good friends, great inspiration and have a really great time doing it. Everyone who quilts knows there are sew/so many different styles of quilts and sew/so many different techniques by which to construct them. By connecting with others from all over the globe, you open up your possibilities for creating that awesome and unique project. Friends help friends! Quilters are a unique bunch, always willing to lend a helping hand…


My hope is that together we will build and organize a place where you'll find helpful, time saving information, tips, tricks and products. A place where a novice seamstress can learn and feel confident that the information will help her or him to the next level of challenge and fun! A place where a more advanced seamstress can share her/his knowledge and feel great about passing on their craft to others. Ideas and inspirations flow freely from one quilter to the next creating a friendly and happy environment for all who join in the fun.


Here you can download all kinds of learning tools to help teach and guide you through. You"ll have access to your favorite instructional videos and be able to share them with others looking for that information. You can also become a star yourself by uploading instructional or informational videos to be viewed and shared by other members. This style of online info sharing allows us to continue creating an ever-growing supply of knowledge, we become partners in promoting the art of quilting. You can also exchange helpful product reviews on our newly remodeled BLOG. There are quick reference guides to help with planning, cutting, measuring and purchasing the right amounts of supplies to complete your creations, all this in one spot! 

Design is proud to offer you an exciting quilt designing program called QUILTAVATE. You can design a quilt on our site and print out the pattern, the fabric yardage needed, and simple directions to put it together. Quiltavate is a fun place to design a traditional quilt with your personality woven in. The program actually calculates the fabric necessary, formulates instructions for the quilt pattern you designed and allows you to print it all off and email it for future use. Quiltavate is so exciting because its fun, easy and you can get your pattern instantly!


Looking for a way to say “Thank You” to our dedicated servicemen and women? Want to comfort the children of the families affected? There are different ways you can contribute your time, money or use your own personal creativity to express your gratitude. Check out the Military Appreciation Quilt area! There you’ll find links to organizations providing a wonderful outreach to our service men and women and their families, all of whom have been affected by life in the military. 


Your selling connection! A place where you can display and sell your quilts and services. We created this section to help support your small business in the quilting world.  - Coming soon!


Offered for sale are some of the finest, time-saving, ingenious and multi-use tools our industry has at very competitive prices. We also sell fresh and fun patterns and quick kits to help with your cool project ideas.